> Who needs the Colocation service?


. Hosting one or more web sites with high visitor rates,
. Running business applications on their servers that require critical and high traffic capacity for e-mail, web, e-commerce, e-marketing, B2B, ERP, CRM, portal activity,
. Requiring the created traffic not to interfere with the local network traffic,
. With no desire to invest in extra storage, equipment, energy and personnel.

Or more businesses who prefer to have their servers hosted in a professional data center who guarantee highly secured, uninterrupted and flexible services.



> Organizations should carry out their data center solutions in three ways:


1. Position their own servers in the data center as available with the required applications installed
2. Prefer to use the server leasing service by codetermining the required configuration and positioning the required applications on a server which is totally allocated to their use
3. Utilize the virtual server service and economize by using the spaces allocated to them on servers hosting the applications of multiple organizations, in cases where they do not require private servers (For this option, you can explore our 'Virtual Server' solution..)



> Telehouse Istanbul is dedicated to providing a high quality service to its customers, with the advantages of security, uninterrupted service. Professional support.

Telehouse Istanbul provides advanced server hosting services in compliance with international standards, where the servers are kept secure both physically and electronically. As all bandwitdh available on Telehouse Istanbul’s backbone is allocated to the customers’ use, the provided access to servers is not limited with speed.



> Cost-effective Colocation solutions at Telehouse Istanbul...

Servers hosting mission critical applications are maintained within Telehouse Istanbul's high security data center where they are served over an infrastructure which provides advantages like high-bandwidth, high quality and secure internet access and minimum interruption.  The servers are monitored 24/7 and treated accordingly within the scope of an emergency response plan.


For detailed information about Telehouse Istanbul Colocation Services, you can contact our sales representative at +90 216 665 77 or contact us via the communication form. Our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible...

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> Security is being provided Global standarts in Telehouse Istanbul...

Servers which are directly connected to Telehouse Istanbul's backbone are maintained in an environment which is open to internet access 24/7 and users can access the servers conveniently via the remote access protocols. Telehouse Istanbul, with its Colocation services, provides uninterrupted, flexible and affordable hosting solutions, by transferring the business applications of organizations to a secured access environment via internet over its own backbone.

Specifically designed for uninterrupted and seamless communication, Telehouse Istanbul                 guarantees uninterrupted access with the security and infrastructure precautions that are activated in emergency situations (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.) and with the failover support provided directly by the overseas fiber and satellite infrastructures. The Data Center located in Kozyatağı is protected by a private security organization on a 24/7 basis and all entry and exit are under surveillance.