Domain Name Prices



As TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, we do all the work related to your domain name registration and fulfill your requirements for renewal, redirection, transfer, etc.

Please click to discover which domain name extensions are appropriate for you, have your desired domain name queried and learn about the terms and the required documents for application...



Domain Type Registration Cost Domain Type Registration Cost
com 25 TL 40 TL
net 25 TL 40 TL
org 25 TL 25 TL
biz 25 TL 25 TL
info 25 TL 25 TL
name 25 TL 10 TL
me 60 TL 10 TL
cc 60 TL 25 TL
tv 80 TL 25 TL
tel 40 TL 25 TL
mobi 40 TL 25 TL
us 5O TL 25 TL
eu 50 TL 5 TL
ws 50 TL 10 TL
asia 50 TL 5 TL 25 TL 25 TL



*Transfer of .tr domains is foc.

*Transfer of international domains is subject to charge. Transfer fee is equal to annual registration fee and the domain is extenced fo a yearby the time of the transfer.


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