Special Services



TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL aims to provide all kinds of data center solutions and services from a single point to it’s customers. Teherefore TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides special services with it’s data center solutions.




. SLA – Service Level Agreement

. Back-up Services – Secure Storage Area

. Software Leasing Service -  SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement)

. Disaster Recovery Center Services

. Remote Hands Services

. 7/24 Technical Support

. Monitoring ve Periodical Reporting Services


> TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL SLA – Service Level Agreement


As a TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, which is based on cooperation between Teknotel and Telehouse, a leading provider of global data centres, and managed ICT services, taking advantage of Teknotel’s local experience and Telehouse’s global knowledge in telecommunications and DC business, we are aware of providing high quality services to our customers. So we share our (SLAs) Service Level Agreements to our customers with all it’s transparency.


> TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Back-up Services – Secure Storage Area


Today the risk of data loss is increasing because people and organizations store data in electronic envirenments which are not safe. So experiencing such a situation like loss of important data cause financial and reputation loss.


The main causes of data loss are;


. Hardware/Software failures

. Neutral Disasters

. Unauthorized accesses

. Losses caused by human faults


TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL prevent the data loss of organizations by it's Back-up Services. And also it guarantees the security of data using secure storage areas.


Bakc-up Services are prefered by organizations because it;


. Provides to get back the data after disaster. So organizations to keep up their daily process after disaster

. Provides to get back data after loss or corrupted for any reason

. Prevents the loss of reputation and money caused by the loss of data


Special Services