TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, with its 'Carrier Ceutral' access features, is offering an operator independent infrastructure to the internet service providers (ISP), carriers, application developers (ASP)
and corporations/organizations.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL incorporates the internet, satellite and point-to-point connection capabilities of various service providers.  


TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL  located in Kozyatağı incorporates terrestrial (fiber optical) overseas access via 3 different operators, satellite internet access via 2 different platforms and point-to-point infrastructure access via 4 different operators.

Having set off to form an independent platform by bringing the Carriers and the organizations together over its "Carrier Neutral" infrastructure, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL aims to be the Internet Traffic Point (Internet Exchange-I/X) of Turkey whereby it will offer various internet access and point-to-point connection alternatives to its customers.

By means of this infrastructure, it will be possible for organizations to utilize different platforms for their internet, point-to-point and voice requirements and to acquire flexible and independent services. Besides, the GSM Operators, Infrastructure Operators, Fixed Line Service Providers and Internet Service Providers will be allowed to response to customer requests directly over this platform.

While the carriers have the alternatives of taking part in TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL and providing connection via dark fiber/Metro Ethernet/satellite, all of the wired and wireless forms of access are provided for the corporate customers. Thanks to Teknotel Telekomünikasyon's widespread network and the point-to-point connections it provides from the infrastructures of different operators, it is possible both to connect to the data center on a failsafe basis, and to provide uninterrupted access.

> Terrestrial Point-to-Point Connection providing networks:


. Turk Telekom Acıbadem direct Fiber Optic connection,
. Fiber Optic connection to Turk Telekom Bostancı switchboard,
. Fiber Optic connection to the Invitel-Memorex infrastructure,
. Fiber Optic connection to the Vodafone Alternative infrastructure,

> Infrastructures provided with Internet Access:

. TTNet Metro Ethernet connection
. Unshared Fiber Optic connection between TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL – Frankfurt, (Clear Channel)
. Overseas Intelsat Satellite connection with the SCPC infrastructure, (Washington-US)
. Overseas Hughes Satellite connections with the VSAT infrastructure (Frankfurt and Fucino-Italy)