Individually independent, team base democratic approach defines the human resources philosophy of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL.

> Our Policy

We care about the opportunity equality of our employees and observe whether all the social rights are justly provided. We give the deserved value to our employees with developing systems to improve their skills and motivation.

We develop new working models, provide appropriate environment and performance measuring with objective methods to enable our employees to make the best use of their potentials and apply their skills and talent to the job they conduct.

As TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, we are based on the human respect in our human resources applications, respecting your rights; we consider protecting the confidentiality principals for all the applications made.


> Wages Policy

12 salaries are paid

> Pay rise Periods:

Depending on performance and inflation, salary adjustment is made periodically.

> Performance Management:

Performance evaluation is applied to enable the measuring of grooming and improvement of the staff, collecting information about the skills and enabling decisions to be made about subjects like advancing, transportation, pay rise and bonus; performing the necessary prosecution and career plan to regain the staff whose negative qualities outweigh.

> Social Opportunities

. SSK insurance
. Lunch
. Training support
. Social activities


>  If you want to apply for a job with us:


General application: If you couldn’t find an appropriate job for yourself among those listed below, you may use the “General Application” link below to apply for a job in our company. The applications you make via the “General Application” will be stored in our databank for a certain amount of time and all the positions will be evaluated within this period.