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In the Telehouse Istanbul Colocation Services; all of the actively used devices except for the cabinet, PDU, KVM, patch panel, etc. are supplied free of charge.
The electricity, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and generator connections required to provide an uninterrupted service for the servers and air-conditioning services are provided uninterruptedly.


Thanks to the Colocation Services which offer pricing alternatives with economical tariffs based on the extent of use and the traffic consumed; it is possible to meet the varying traffic requirements arising at varying times. Besides, when this alternative is preferred, no charge is applied for the unused traffic.

Colocation Services are offered as 2 types based on the "Fixed Traffic Application" and "Pay As You Use" principles. The primary components constituting the cost of the monthly services within the scope of the Telehouse Istanbul service types are listed in the Table below.


>  Telehouse Istanbul Colocation Services


Pricing Details Model 1* Fixed Traffic Application Model 2 * Pay As You use
Hosting fee Priced based on the storage the server occupies Priced based on the storage the server occupies
The monthly rental fee priced as 1U, 2U, tower, 1/4 cabinet, etc. based on the space occupied by the customer's equipment constitutes the hosting fee. Flexible service options are offered to meet varied requirements, from minimum storage to maximum storage.
Electricity usage fee Priced based on the usage Priced based on the usage
The amount of electricity used by the customer's server/equipments is measured monthly and priced by the corresponding tariff. Thus, source use and the associated cost is fairly reflected.
Access fee Priced as fixed monthly fees based on the required fixed bandwidth Priced based on the amount of traffic used
The customer buys the internet access by preferring the "fixed bandwidth" or "traffic based unlimited bandwidth. The traffic based unlimited bandwidth is very advantageous for the organization servers that are hosting applications with periodically changing usage intensity and the traffic usage is priced based on monthly calculations.


Service Type Service Detail Description
Server hosting 1U
1/8 Rack & Tower
1/4 Rack
1/2 Rack
1 Rack
1 Rack for 3 Rack +
Invoiced based on the occupied storage
Fixed speed based Internet access 1 Mbps  
Monthly traffic based Internet Access 50 GB Invoiced based on the monthly consumption
IP KVM Add-On (per port) 1 unit -
Firewall Add-On (general - per server) 1 unit -
/8 IP Block 1 unit Each customer is offered 1 block free of charge
Additional IP Address 1 unit -
C-Class IP Block 1 unit -
Energy usage 200.-usd/KW Invoiced based on the monthly consumption
Technical Support Package-1* Remote Hands 0 Standard Monitoring service, reading the warning messages, pressing the button when required
Technical Support Package-2* Remote Hands 1 Changing the card module, running multiple hard disk control program in 24 hours
Technical Support Package-3* Remote Hands 2 Operation Monthly backup
Technical Support Package-4* Remote Hands 3 Hardware Cabling, server placement, card, CPU, hard disk placement/change
Technical Support Package-5* Remote Hands 2 Configuration Router, Layer 2/3 switch configuration
Technical Support Package-6* Remote Hands 2 OS Installation Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris installation
Installation - No installation fee is requested, extra demands subject to evaluation
Service Activation   Invoiced based on the equipment


While utilizing Telehouse Istanbul is Colocation Services, you are offered 24/7 Technical Support service.


>   Service details: 


. 24*7 uninterrupted support
. MRTG line report – You can view the usage graphics for your line by logging into the system with the user name and password assigned to you.
. Ticketing System – Via the interface assigned to you, you can enter all comments, complaints, questions and requests as well as view all of your support records.
. SLA – Service level agreements

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