Located in an area of 190 m2 right beside the Metro Station exit in Kozyatağı, Telehouse Istanbul Datacenter has a hosting capacity for 2.000 servers.


Offering storage leasing service on the basis of server, partial cabinet and full cabinet and providing various value added services.


In Telehouse Istanbul energy, air-conditioning, fire/flood protection and electronic/physical security infrastructures comply with the international standards.


Among our Telehouse Istanbul data center policies, it is of uppermost importance to provide secure, totally failsafe and uninterrupted access in accordance with the only international data security standard of ISO/IEC 27001. Therefore, having their servers hosted in Telehouse Istanbul 's high featured data center not only saves the organizations from various expenses, but also provides them with many advantages.


Moreover, having high security measures at global standards in force and equipped with features like camera systems on-record and monitored 24/7, elevated floor, heat isolation, precisely controllable air-conditioner, N+1 failsafe generator and UPS structure and the FM200 fire extinguishing system which, in case of a fire, is activated in a very short with no harm to the devices, Telehouse Istanbul is being operated by a specialized personnel within the scope of Data Security Management System.


Visits via the appointment system The customer officials who visit Telehouse Istanbul  can interact with their devices and have the opportunity to access the data center on a 24/7 basis.


. Mains supply via two separate lines each 450 KVA
. N+1 350 KVA generator with backup storage
. N+1 100 KVA UPS support
. Battery support enough for 30 min. at full capacity
. Back-up electricity support for each server
. 5 KW electricity support per cabinet


. Precisely controlled Emerson air-conditioning system with N+1 backup
. Fixed 22° C temperature (±2) and 48% humidity (±15%)
. Warm / cool corridor design
. Elevated tiling system to provide effective cooling
. Units equipped with microprocessor based advanced control systems to provide totally automated operation


. Addressable double layered fire detection system
. Elevated subfloor and infrastructure for controlling the whole area
. Addressable double layered fire detection system
. Local detection and intervention capability with the effective design
. FM200 gaseous automated fire extinguishing system
. Manual interference in place when needed


. Bi-level, fingerprint sensor-fitted access control system
. DC access via quarantine door
. Security cameras & digital image recording system
. Photo ID database



. 24/7 energy, connection and environment monitoring
. First-level maintenance (turn on/off the system, change the equipment)
. Optional local, national and international circuits
. 24/7 professional technical support
. 24/7 connection monitoring (with the MRTG program, you can monitor your circuit 24/7)
. Optional local, national and international circuits