> What is TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Colocation Service?


TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Colocation Service is the hosting service in TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL's own data centers which is provided for the servers of corporations, carrying their business applications, this service includes virtual server service as well.


> What is 'Pay As Much As You Use' Model?

Thanks to TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Collocation Services providing the alternative of charging with economic fare systems based on only the amount and the traffic used; it is possible to meet different traffic needs occurring at different times without any limitations. Moreover, when this alternative is preferred, there is no payment for traffic which hasn't been used.

"Pay As Much As You Use" which gives the company the opportunity to monitor the online traffic all the time and to pay only as much as the total traffic at the end of the month, is provided by Teknotel’s Satellite redundant service and infrastructure, with 24/7 Technical Support.

> What type of equipment is required for TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Colocation Service?

In Collocation services, the server type is generally determined by the firm and if server hosting service is to be received, the server is made available to TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. As for the virtual server application, there is no need for equipment.


The necessary area is reserved on TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL's own servers and the business applications to be hosted are located within the frame of the operation system and other requirements. In virtual servers, it is possible to have more than one firm's services on the same equipment.

>  Are extra prices charged, according to the server type?

It is assumed that a Standard server, from which service is provided, uses 80 GB monthly traffic, is 1U type, has 1 Ethernet port and 1 Power Supply of 400 Watts. The source uses above this amount (rack unit, traffic, server, Ethernet port, power supply, static IP etc) are subject to extra fees.

> What is the difference between Speed and Traffic?

There is no speed limit on the collocation services TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides. This enables the server to be available at high speeds all the time. At the end of the month, the data transfer performed on the server is measured and it forms the basis for billing. The most important difference between speed and traffic is that one is immediate data and the other is periodical.

> What is TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosting Service?

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosting Service is the domain and e-mail management service that does not require your own server.

> What is Mail Back-Up?

Mail Back-Up is a back-up service which TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL has developed especially for the corporations that obtain hosting services from another firm or provide them using their own servers.


With this service, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL servers are identified as the 2nd (back-up) server for a company's mail traffic so that the company will not be affected by disconnections or problems occurring at the point where corporate mail traffic is hosted.

> What type of equipment is required for TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosting Services?

No equipment is required to obtain TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosting Services. The area required for the corporate web and e-mail requirements is provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL's own servers and the necessary directions are given at that point.

> What is TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Visturalization (VPS) Service?

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Virtualization Service is a common server use service provided by Teknotel Telecommunications in its own data centers.

>  What is virtualization?

The basis of virtualization which totally changes our perspective of data storing and opening to access need lies in the act of changing a physical thing into a logical thing. Thanks to virtualization, in its simplest meaning, more than one computer can operate simultaneously from a single computer by combining resources and thus increasing corporate efficiency while providing savings.

> What type of equipment is required for TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL  Virtualization Services?

Equipment is not provided by the customer for TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL  Virtualization Service. The service is provided through Professional servers which include Teknotel's various operating systems and on which virtualization application has been installed.

> How is TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Virtualization Services managed?

Since the virtual server has the function of a physical server in TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL  Virtualization Service, its management is similar.


Management of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL  Virtualization packets belongs completely to the customer and does not include any management support except the user interface, 24/7 support and service continuity. If requested, Virtualization management service can also be purchased from TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. You can contact with your sales representative for further information...

> What is TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Domain Name Service?

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Domain Name Service is, domain name and registration service of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL.

> Is it possible to get a domain name with Turkish characters?

Effective 04 December, 2006, characters of the Turkish alphabet have been used. The registration of domain names of this type are carried out by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL      but, while such domain names are preferred, it must be taken into consideration that they are supported by new generation web browsers and there may be problems regarding support by e-mail technologies.