Green IT



Today, professional data centers hosting their most vital and mission critical data have become a concept of great importance for organizations. The data centers which ensure the continuity of business processes of organizations are undergoing various physical transformations as a result of the quickly developing technology and varying requirements.


The increase in the number of data sharing environments worldwide and the consequent increase in data sharing result in an increase also in the capacity and complexity of the data centers and thus energy consumption is also increasing. The fact that intense energy use and the quickly increasing costs of energy are adversely effecting both the organizations and the environment is the main reason for the essential change in the concept of data center, which leads to the formation of the Green IT concept.


As of today, the practice of virtualization, the consolidation methods and the accompanying concept of environmentalist IT (Green IT) which are adopted for an effective use of the existing resources are the ultimate ends the data centers have currently reached.

As a result of the transformation in question, the remotely administered structures which provide advantages such as uninterrupted operation 7/24 with minimum energy use and requirement for less interference have started to be preferred both by the Internet service provider companies and the organizations which host the data centers within their own structures.


The new generation data center concept is being perceived as a 7/24 operating, virtualized, globalized (in terms of electricity and cooling, etc), fully-automated and remotely administered environment where energy resources are effectively and economically utilized.


In today’s new generation data centers, the energy use for cooling and for providing high capacity service is almost half the amount required by the former technologies; and this directs the organizations to the environment friendly technologies which eliminate the need for the them to place various limitations on energy use in order to enlarge their existing data centers and thereby the costs are considerably lowered. In fact, today, most organizations prefer to buy service from the Service Provider companies which operate data centers professionally with the consciousness for Green IT, instead of building up their own.

> In this context, the major tendencies in data center structuring now are...

. Having the servers hosted by service providers which provide professional data center services, instead of building up a data center for the existing servers within the organization itself,

. Shared platforms where many applications run on a single server rather than a physical server, by means of the VPS (Virtual Server) solutions which allow for creating separate spaces on a server using the virtualization technology,

. The common ground services such as the 'Hosted Exchange' services and the SaaS solutions, etc, offered over a shared server, which allow for savings by way of sharing the expenses for hardware, license and resource usage cost.

Considering the fact that, as a result of staying oblivious to energy savings, the effects of global warming are causing great environmental devastation today, we, as Teknotel Telekomünikasyon, aim to increase the continuous support we have been providing to the IT sector since our inception even more by focusing on Green IT.

Green IT