Hosted Exchange



> What is Hosted Exchange?


The TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosted Exchange Service is a server based messaging system offered in Teknotel's data center which allows corporations to utilize the messaging features provided by Exchange Server without making any investments for installation or devices or buying any licences.


> SPLA (Microsoft Service Provider Licence Agreement)

With the Hosted Exchange service running on the virtualization platform; corporations position their applications on the servers hosted in a professional environment in TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL and thus save the hardware and software, infrastructure and workforce related expenses, while utilizing the license leasing option Teknotel offers with its ‘Microsoft Gold Partner's identity within the scope of a special agreement called SPLA.

> What do you do with the Hosted Exchange service?

. End users can download Outlook® 2007 or Entourage® 2008 and modify their account configuration settings such as password, display name or e-mail collection.
. Account Managers can modify the end user settings of all users and update some features at the domain name level, such as common persons, distribution lists and import/export tasks.
. Account Managers can add new users, upgrade the current users, sign up for additional invoiceable features and exercise and practice all of the Manager tasks.
. Managers can manage all of the users, features, add-ins and tasks of multiple Exchange installations registered under their accounts.


> The advantages of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosted Exchange

. Corporate service and 7/24 technical support
. "0" initial cost
. Use of the Data Center resources (location, electricity, internet, workforce)
. Flexible licensing model based on the "Pay As You Use" principle
. Utilize the most up-to-date system versions
. Utilize all of the features of Microsoft Exchange
. Microsoft license usage with no obligation to buy
. Worldwide service offering
. Advantage of utilizing Office and the operating system together with the service
. Monthly billing


>  The infrastructural advantages ensure security and service continuity:

. 7/24 active security system and monitoring
. 7/24 air-conditioning with thermal and moisture control (N +1 redundant air-conditioning system)
. Fire detection and extinguishing system (FM200 automatic fire extinguishing system with gas relase)
. Mains energy supported with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator (N +1350 KVA backup diesel generator tank & N +1 100 KVA UPS support)
. 7/24 Technical Support and first level maintenance
. Camera and physical security
. Failsafe network infrastructure; Failsafe discrete switchboard internet connection from within Turkey and abroad
. 99.9% guarantee for uninterrupted service
. Firewall server protection support


> The system infrastructure is detailed below:

. Microsoft Exchange 2007 Enterprise Edition
. Corporate IBM Servers
. CISCO Asa Firewall
. Regular Backup
. Failsafe Mail MX Servers
. Failsafe DNS Servers


In the Hosted Exchange service, corporations enjoy the advantages of all major features such as e-mail, contacts, calendar management, mobile access that Exchange Server provides on servers which run under 7/24 uninterruption guarantee in the professional data center environment. Thanks to Hosted Exchange, the requirements of the businesses can be licensed worldwide and thus, great advantages are ensured for the corporations which have central or branch offices in different countries.




. Corporate messagging system
. Advanced Antivirus filtering
. Outlook 2007
. Personal and shared agenda
. Common Folders and file sharing
. Personal and shared address book
. Personal and shared task management


While utilizing the TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosted Exchange Services, you are offered 7/24 Technical Support service.


> Service details:


- 7*24 uninterrupted support
- MRTG line report – You can view the usage graphics for your line by logging into the system with the user name and password assigned to you.
- Ticketing System – Via the interface assigned to you, you can enter all of your complaints, questions and requests and view all of your support records.
- SLA – Service level agreements

For detailed information about TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Hosted Exchange Services, you can contact our sales representative at 0216 665 77 or contact us via the communication form. Our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible...

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