> The factors below play a major role in why organizations prefer the TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Server Leasing service:

. Relieve the organizations of the requirements for hardware, operating system, extra storage, energy and personnel
. Prevent the overloads caused by heavy traffic on the organization’s own network
. Provide uninterrupted, high performance access
. Run the corporate mission critical business applications uninterruptedly on servers of high technical specifications in a professional data center where 7/24 high traffic capacity and technical support services are provided
. Eliminate the costs related to installation, administration, failure, maintenance, etc
. Savings, Uninterrupted Operation, Professional Management
. Having professional datacenter services in Global standarts

> TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL ensures security and service sustainability with the infrastructural advantages it provides:

. 7/24 active security system and monitoring
. 7/24 air-conditioning with thermal and moisture control (N +1 redundant air-conditioning system)
. Fire detection and extinguishing system (FM200 automatic fire extinguishing system with gas relase)
. Mains energy supported with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator (N +1350 KVA backup diesel generator tank & N +1 100 KVA UPS support)
. 7/24 Technical Support and first level maintenance
. Camera and physical security
. Failsafe network infrastructure; Failsafe discrete switchboard internet connection from within Turkey and abroad
. 99.9% guarantee for uninterrupted service
. Firewall server protection support



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