> What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is to optimize the total server efficiency by dividing the physical source into a desired number of pieces as needed. In the virtual server services, the desired package type is selected and the applications are installed on the virtual server, i.e. a physical structure is transformed into a logical one.


Thanks to VPS solution, each storage space allocated on the server is operated as a separate server and each of these spaces are administered independently from each other. The major advantage of the VPS solution in comparison with the hosting solutions is its administrable structure. Virtual server application provides more control when compared to the hosting solutions and more savings when compared to the server hosting solutions.


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Besides decreasing workforce losses and expenses, virtualization also provides businesses with high efficiency and flexibility.

> The VPS packages running on the virtualization platform are more advantageous than the server hosting and leasing alternatives, as the expense items below are commonly shared:

. The hardware and license expenses (one single server)
. Storage space expenses
. Cooling and electricity expenses
. Repair & maintenance expenses

While the physical server failures and reinstallation cause high amounts of cost and significant losses of time in physical server administration, with virtual systems it takes maximum 30 minutes to replace a failed server with a regular backup, in addition to providing a great advantage by eliminating high repair costs.

> Due to virtualization, it gets easier to backup and restore the data...

While the physical server option requires to prepare backups of many physical servers, in the virtualized server services, multiple applications on a single server are easily backed up in a short time, plus it allows benefiting the advantage of storage. In other words, thanks to virtualization, companies can back up each of the virtual layers in the computer at once. Thus, the administration of each IT system gets easier as well.

>  The other advantages of VPS Services: 

. Software/hardware independency: Dynamic use of hardware resources via the virtualization layer (Hypervisor),
. Fast system creation: Ability to create new servers from templates in very short time,
. Central administration: Administering and reporting of all servers from a single central location,
. Licensing: Running 4 operating systems with a single enterprise license,
. Scalability at the highest level,
. Service variation possibility due to the flexible structure,
. Required resource provision for mission critical applications,
. Safe improvement in a short time after the problem occurred.

The VPS packages to meet the requirements of small and middle size businesses are hosted on professional servers in Telehouse Istanbul Data Center. Due to sharing the hardware and license expenses of one server and collective use of space, electricity and other resources, the VPS packages running on the virtualization platform are quite advantageous when compared to the server hosting and leasing alternatives.


>  Security is being provided in Global standarts in Telehouse Istanbul ...

Servers which are directly connected to Telehouse Istanbul's backbone are maintained in an environment which is open to internet access 24/7 and users can access the servers conveniently via the remote access protocols. Telehouse Istanbul, with its VPS services, provides uninterrupted, flexible and affordable hosting solutions, by transferring the business applications of organizations to a secured access environment via internet over its own backbone.

Specifically designed for uninterrupted and seamless communication, Telehouse Istanbul                 guarantees uninterrupted access with the security and infrastructure precautions that are activated in emergency situations (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.) and with the failover support provided directly by the overseas fiber and satellite infrastructures. The Data Center located in Kozyatağı is protected by a private security organization on a 24/7 basis and all entry and exit are under surveillance.


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