> For whom the VPS services are appropriate...


VPS Services offers a great opportunity to corporations which prefer an administrable and professional hosting solution that provides more control and higher performance than the shared hosting services and reduced costs than the server hosting service.

Small and middle size businesses prefer VPS to making big investments in Data Centers. In addition to the infrastructure and access advantages offered in the colocation services, it also offers economical service fees, since the server hardware and license costs are shared and the location, electricity and other resources are commonly used.


Therefore, the VPS packages are ideal for small and middle-size businesses for which it doesn’t impose a problem to have the business applications run on common servers.

> The factors below play a major role in why organizations prefer the Telehouse Istanbul VPS Services:

. Prevent the overloads caused by heavy traffic on the organization's own network
. Provide uninterrupted, high performance access
. Eliminate the costs related to installation and operation loads
. Eliminate the need for high level access investments
. Savings, Uninterrupted Operation, Professional Management
. Having professional datacenter services in Global standarts

> Telehouse Istanbul ensures security and service sustainability with the infrastructural advantages it provides:

. 24/7 active security systems and monitoring
. 24/7 air-conditioning with thermal and moisture control (N +1 redundant air-conditioning system)
. Fire detection and extinguishing system (FM200 automatic fire extinguishing system with gas relase)
. Mains energy supported with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator (N +1350 KVA backup diesel generator tank & N +1 100 KVA UPS support)
. 24/7 Technical Support and first level maintenance
. Camera and physical security
. Failsafe network infrastructure; Failsafe discrete switchboard internet connection from within Turkey and abroad
. 99.9% guarantee for uninterrupted service
. Firewall server protection support