VPS Packages



Telehouse Istanbul VPS packages meeting the requirements of small and middle-size businesses are hosted on professional servers in the Telehouse Istanbul Data Center.

Running on the virtualization platform, the VPS packages are more advantegous than the server hosting and leasing alternatives, as the hardware and license cost of a single server is shared and the location, electricity and other resources are commonly used.

Service Plans
Plan Type Monthly Cost Disk Space (GB) Traffic (GB) / Month Ram Operating System
T-VPS L 40 59 TL 40 40 512 Linux
T-VPS W 40 69 TL 40 40 512 Windows
T-VPS L 80 99 TL 80 80 1024 Linux
T-VPS W 80 109 TL 80 80 1024 Windows
T-VPS L 160 149 TL 160 160 2048 Linux
T-VPS W 160 159 TL 160 160 2048 Windows

Additional Services
Service Type Service Content Unit Monthly Cost
Plesk Licence 10 Domain 5 TL
Antivirus 1 Ad. 10 TL
IP 1 Ad. 4 TL
Disk Space 1 Ad. 5 TL
Traffic 10 GB 5 TL
Ram 256 MB 20 TL
Restoration 1 GB 5 TL
Management Support 1 Ad. 150 TL

Service Features
Plesk Lisans (10 unit)
Remote Desktop(Remote Desktop, RDP)
Parallels Virtuozzo & Plesk Control Panel
DNS Management
Web Mail
IMAP/POP3 E-Mail Accounst
FTP Server Management
ASP, ASP.NET (2.0 Framework)
IPv4 Address
Data Back-up
Root Access
3. Part Software
Server Logs Access
Web Base Control Panel and Tools
Shell Access (Linux)
7/24 Support
1 GB Network Access


While utilizing Telehouse Istanbul is VPS Services, you are offered 24/7 Technical Support service.


>   Service details: 


. 24*7 uninterrupted support
. MRTG line report – You can view the usage graphics for your line by logging into the system with the user name and password assigned to you.
. Ticketing System – Via the interface assigned to you, you can enter all comments, complaints, questions and requests as well as view all of your support records.
. SLA – Service level agreements

For detailed information about Telehouse Istanbul VPS Services, you can contact our sales representative at +90 216 665 77 or contact us via the communication form. Our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible...

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